Be online!

You often get the chance to find a good deal in our marketplaces. For example, if a trader needs some (virtual) money urgently they will offer this stock cheaper than other traders. If you are online you can be the first to respond.

However, if you are only online every other week, you may miss out on realizing a good profit.

Tip: The more you play the game, the greater your chance of spotting a good deal.

Trick: Create a small list of all stocks and write down the prices you are willing to pay for each one. Then you will be able to compare easily and act immediately.

How to realize profits?

Generally, you will make profits if you sell a stock for more than you bought it. That much is clear - but always keep a cool head!

Do not buy every stock for the price the other traders are offering it at – just because a stock is available does not mean it is cheap.

For example: If someone offers you a stock for 12 EX, then make your own order for 11.5 EX and hold the line. Usually you will find another trader who does not believe in the stock's potential and is willing to sell cheaper.

Tip: It is better to bide your time than to pay too much.

Trick: Click on the sign for a stock to link to its order book. On this page you will find not only the best order, but three other orders as well. So it is easier for you to find the best price for your own order.

Selling stocks

First of all, do not worry too much about high rates. If you think that one stock is overrated, act accordingly - sell it! Then you can focus on the less popular stocks and maybe you will find a good deal.

Tip: You can make a higher profit holding more of a cheaper stock than with a small quantity of an expensive stock – if its value goes up.

Trick: Pay attention to stocks which are offered at a low price. If you buy at the right time and their value appreciates you can make a lot of money.

How to realize an arbitrage profit - part 1

You count the «bids» and realize that this sum is higher than the price you have to pay for a bundle which you can buy from the bank. This can be your chance to make a quick profit because other traders want to pay a higher price for all the stocks together.

All you have to do now is buy bundles from the bank and sell your new stocks to the other traders. The difference is your profit.

Tip: You have to hurry! The other traders will not wait.

Trick: Search on the market for the smallest quantity of a stock which is ordered. Then buy an equal number of bundles and sell the new stock immediately. But if you buy a higher quality of bundles you will not make a profit.

How to realize an arbitrage profit - part 2

This kind of trading also works in reverse. You have to make sure that the sum of the asking price is lower than the price you have to pay for a bundle. That means other traders want to sell the stocks too cheaply.

Now you buy this stock, but remember: Do not buy more stock than necessary. Afterwards you have to sell this stock in bundles to the bank. That’s all.

Tip: You can sell a number of bundles only if you own the same amount of stock in your account.

Trick: Usually you will find the lowest numbers by the expensive stocks. So you first have to take a look at the order books of these stocks.

What happens when the market closes?

The closing time is stated in the description of the market. After this date, trading is impossible and all the buy and sell orders will be cancelled. The new stock rates are also written in the market description.

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What we predict...

Wahlfieber, originally a platform from the German-speaking world, offers (user-based) forecasts on elections worldwide - using political prediction markets without applying any algorythm.

Our focus

Germany / Austria / Switzerland
All national and state elections as well as selected local, mayoral and party elections

Almost all national elections as well as selected presidential, regional and local elections and votes.

All presidential, senatorial and house elections (including mid-term and most presidential primaries/caucusses) as well as important special and state elections.

All national and state elections as well as important special, local and mayoral elections and votes.

National elections - including Australia, Canada, Israel, Japan, New Zealand, etc.

Important elections in 2023

  • Several state elections in Germany and Austria
  • Presidential election in the Czech Republic
  • National elections in Finland, Turkey, Greece, Poland, Switzerland and Spain

How does this work?

This is how you contribute to the prediction - See the Infocenter

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