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SZ - How many votes (in %) will the candidates win in the Swiss Senate elections 2011 in the Canton Schwyz? (Second ballot)

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Market opening: 31.10.2011 20:00
Market close: 27.11.2011 03:40
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Senate elections - Canton Schwyz

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Closing price Result
Total 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00% 100.00%
Föhn, SVP Peter Föhn, SVP 27.86% 28.55% 29.07% 26.27% 37.41%
Frick, CVP Bruno Frick, CVP 44.60% 43.57% 43.56% 44.88% 34.90%
Leuthard, unab. Martha Leuthard, unabhängig 2.98% 2.73% 2.28% 3.80% 2.55%
Pedrazzini, FDP Vincenzo Pedrazzini, FDP 18.49% 19.05% 19.47% 18.59% 24.65%
Federer Roger Federer, unabhängig 0.50% 0.63% 0.73% 0.63% 0.00%
Others Other candidates 5.57% 5.47% 4.89% 5.82% 0.49%

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